You think it is just like every other day; you stride in flashing your ID card, rajnikanth style, at all possible doors, carrying the ‘hey buddy!! Good morning! And yeah I am awesome’ smile; trying to pull out the laptop even before you reach your desk; surprised I am!! My day in office starts with ferrero rocher chocolates 🙂 . Not so surprisingly, the day progresses to be much more fun; people interacting with people, laughs all around; a motivated youth creates a primitive site where you can guess the giver and leave a clue for the taker!! 2000 hits in less than 3 hours within a team of 40 people; laughs all around; soon the ip addresses are put up to stop spam; then on public demand we hide them!!; more hits follow; a special mention for the top spammer!!; the day turned out to be as it was intended to be; amongst all this mayhem you realize that you have been productive and before it sinks in, it is time for the scrum!!; you end your office day with old smuggler (scotch); you are a little high, thanks for all the fun; you go about doing your regular routine; you reach home to find your roomies welcome you with rum!!; what’s the occasion you ask, but don’t really care 🙂 ; in spite of a decent dinner, the home made kichidi tastes awesome; in this excited state you preach how your roomies are in the wrong profession; you suggest they need to be cooking for money, as the glutton keeps indulging in the ghee filled kichidi!!; a little persuasion and the kitchen’s open once again; as you sip the dark rum staring at the lightened stove, your friends are busy making halwa; looking at your facial contortions, a friend exclaims ‘ dudeeee!!! This is just 230rs a bottle!! You don’t taste it!!’, and as you gulp down the rest of the drink, the over burned, ghee filled, cheeni kum, rum mixed, paste like halwa is ready!! ; The glutton is still on and so is the fun; you go to the x-roads at 1 in the night in the spine chilling cold in just your knickers and still feel warm!! All credits to the old monk 🙂 ; you arm wrestle at 2’0 clock till the rum wears down while you find out that yours not so thin friend is not so monstrously strong; as order falls in place and chaos masking itself in the shadows, features the song ‘Sheila ki jawani’ in the music channel; out of the blue, someone talks about girls; talk about their girl friends was next in order and then the climax talk on your current crush!! ; you lie down with blankets pulled over your head; back to senses, you think about thy girl; you wonder if she likes you; you wonder if she is ignoring you; as all men with hope, you gladly neglect the signs she has thrown; you keep thinking about her!! 10 minutes pass and you still wonder!! ; you are busy breezing through your thoughts looking for her traces; you wonder if I could write a post; 15 minutes later you have a piece with 550 words!!

ps: forgive the grammar! Was in no mood to follow order!!