10.10 pm : was on my way home from office; strong breeze reminds you of the long weekend; feels awesome; vehicles sparingly spread on better roads; a chance to see how fast my bike can go; a rare opportunity on the ever busy streets thence raises thy spirit.

vroom vroom…

I reach the CM’s camp office; two girls riding a moped steal my attention; our ways part soon, as I go over the flyover; I slow down, hoping to catch a glimpse; two teens on a chetak whistle at the ladies; the miss on the back seat twists around; she pulls the dropping shawl over; a response, and the kids are ignited;  more whistles and hand waves come along; the noise makes the ladies look again; the whistles, the waves and the ooOOO’s keep coming; the girls seemed worried, and they sped away.

The cautious meet the chichoras. A typical hyderabadi routine.



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