What would be awesome?

Now that CSK has won the 1st playoff, I want MI to win its match against KKR. SRK, similar to an experience in the last three IPL editions, will be shattered. CSK vs MI in the final, would essentially mean a rematch to MI to avenge their defeat in the last years IPL final. And when MI does win the final encounter, it would be a grand party to all the MI fans.

But, that is just great! What would make it awesome then?

Sachin makes a century and MI winds. Sure, sounds great. But no matter what sachin does on field, is always awesome. Ain’t it?

That means, I need to come up with another possibility which would be awesome.

As most of you already know, there has been news about Rajnikanth’s deteriorating health floating around. Celebs on twitter say, those are but rumors. As the final happens in Chennai (defending at their home ground), Rajnikanth shows up in the stadium for the match, supporting the Unstoppable force (CSK is yet to loose a match in Chennai this year). But, as I want MI to win, the Immovable Object finally stops CSK.

There you go, the ever lucky and talented Dhoni leading CSK with the support of Rajnikanth finally bows to the awesomeness of God and his team.



14 thoughts on “What would be awesome?

  1. Booooooooo!! The Mortals shall prevail over the Gods. Gods have a major chink in their armour, and that is their leader’s captaincy skills. The mortals just need to strike a blow in that spot 😉

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