The Green Fairy

To celebrate the release of our product, the team was taken to Westin for dinner. I’ve been contemplating lately, so I decided not to get drunk. But many a time, good mood and high spirit urges you to do things. This time the ambiance; being in one of the finest hotels urged me to savour the finest.  So… when the waiter gave me the drinks menu…

me : Excuse me.

waiter : Yes sir.

me : I’d like to have a Blue Label. Small.

waiter : how would you like to have it sir ?

me : soda and ice.

waiter : sure sir.

Westin has a big buffet with very few delicacies for vegetarians. So while I stuffed myself with baby corn, panner and some kababs; 10 minutes later…

waiter : your drink sir.

Blue Label, was different in a good way. Very finely refined Blended Scotch Whiskey. Different in smell too. Tastes a little harsh but smooth on its way down. Scotch is lighter than water and soda. After the drink is made, if you wait for a minute, you’d notice on the surface of the glass, the scotch mixes with the melted water from the ice which slowly blends with the soda. Now when you sip just this top layer you’d know the taste of the drink. It would be better if you have it on the rocks, but it is stronger. So I don’t prefer it.  Not yet. Also, you need to time your sips slowly. Atleast by a minute, paying attention to each one of them. You’ll appreciate and relish it better. Blue label was awesome. Better than every other drink I had till then, but…

30 minutes after my first drink and a lot of chatting, I ask the waiter for another drink. Not a refill, but a different one. Getting inebriated was not what I planned for that night. So I ask him for a Whyte and Mackay 22 year old this time. He smiles and asks me, ” how would you like it sir?“. Soda and Ice and a small, I say.

10 minutes later I get my drink. This one is also a Blended Scotch Whiskey, stronger but smoother and tastes great.

Another 30 minutes pass by and I ask for my third drink. This time it is a Macallan 18 year old with the same metrics. This one is a Single Malt Whiskey and these drinks generally have a slightly burnt smell and taste. Totally eccentric, different and smoking good, again.

After 30 minutes or so, and I was  done with my drink when the waiter comes up to our team and…

waiter : would you like to have anything else sir? our bar is about to be closed.

me : no thank you. ( I already had the best 3 drinks Westin had to offer)

He goes away and returns a couple of minutes later.

waiter : Sir, would you like to try this ?

holding a long green bottle in his hand.

me : what is that ?

waiter : Hapsburg Absinthe sir. The best we have. The alcohol content is 72.5%.

Absinthe whoa!! I always wanted to taste that.

A few more details asked, and five minutes later, we had it served on our table. Two glasses. Small, again. For a colleague of mine and me. But this time we had it neat. No water, no ice and no soda. The smell was very strong. And stronger was the taste. After the first sip we had to wait for a couple of minutes for the burning sensation in our throats to settle down. It tasted a bit like somph, a little like Sambuca. So firm was the taste that we had to dilute it with soda. It tasted even better.

After this drink we left, in total control of the senses, content and a smug smile.