Open Letter to the Tamil Girl and the Delhi Boy from a Hyderabad Boy

In response to : Open Letter to a Delhi Boy, this and this.

As long as making generalizations and writing open letters is a trend, read on…

Dear Tamil Girl and Delhi Boy,

In here girls are conventional, so most of us are single. Those few girls who are hep fall to guys from the other states. The remaining few wrap towels around their faces when they come out in the open. We rarely miss a day to work. All the flirting we do with girls is always through an interface. Most of us don’t even booze and the icing on the cake; the competition for those whoever left is immense from the locals. Many a time, it gets tougher than the CAT and IIT-JEE. People from here manage to get into IIT’s and IIM’s, but reach no where close to the girl next door or the girl in the front bench.

You get my point? It is us who are max frustrated and so should be whining and ranting on the web. But as long as you’re at it, please continue. I say so for two reasons
1) your posts are hilarious and makes for good vellapanti.
2) we are a lazy lot to be writing long blog posts and we aren’t that vella.

Hyderabad Boy.