For you. With you. Always

After a month’s break schools and colleges have reopened in Hyderabad, and to those whole travel by road this means “get ready to get Traffucked”. Surprising as it may sound, like many others I did not get Traffucked today, all thanks to the Traffic Police. They seemed very active doing their job, especially while redirecting the traffic.

Thank you sirs, you’ve done a great job today. I know it is a big ask, but I hope you continue to work in a similar fashion.

I wonder, what was the special motivation today which got you to work so early in the morning.


So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish – A Review

Douglas Adams, you crazy crazy drunkard. It is amazing to see how someone human could’ve written so many pages of so much nonsensical bullshit which is not only widely famous, but also has been adopted by all the entertainment mediums known to man. On second thoughts I see that only a drunkard could’ve done it. Well done, Sir.

I started reading the first part with a lot of excitement, but now I am relieved that I could complete the last part finally after a month since I’ve started. No matter how ludicrous the characters you created were, or how crappish the content of the books was, or how mind bogglingly insane your theories were, your digs on humans in particular and everything else in general was bang on. Sure drunkard’s are wise when drunk, but to be spot on every single time amongst all that shit you’ve made up is fucking insane.

I see genius in your words. I see genius in you. And I want a dolphin as a pet.

Don't Panic

A Trilogy In Four Parts (?)
1) The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
2) The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe
3) Life, The Universe And Everything
4) So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish



He fucking hates it. He fucking hates it all. Amar is the person who fucking hates it all.
Well, it wasn’t bad before all this started. Maybe bad, but not this bad. Definitely not. Rain haunts him. It is over him when he is out in the open. And it fucking stops when he gets in. It again starts the moment he steps out. Rain haunts him all the time, literally. What the fuck, right ?

All this started back when Amar was not yet haunted by rains, and then one day all the rains followed him or rather hung over his head when there was no ceiling. Now he feels wet all the time. And when he is not wet, he looks weird in his head-to-toe covering rain coat. He then feels stupid and everyone else thinks so.

Now what you are going to know that Amar still doesn’t know; not yet; is that…

A few days ago before all this started, during the 987,712,342,316th poker world cup of all Gods happening over our dimension, an incident happened. Something the Gods are not proud of. Something bad. In the 3rd round of this knockout tournament, Norse God Thunderer, also known as Thor in this and his realm, was very very frustrated seeing that his step brother Loki was cheating in the poker game. In his moment of frustration he swirled his Mjolnir at full strength aiming at Loki’s head. Being the magician he is, Loki disapparated just in time and this big hammer of Thor’s landed on the Indian Rain God’s head. Baaaaammmmm…. A loud noise, louder scream and the Rain god fell off his chair not to rise again. All the rains and clouds over this dimension have been orphaned. In a fit of hasty actions to fix things, the Gods bonded the essence of the Rain God Spirit with Amar’s life force. All the rains and clouds which were deeply in love with the Rain spirit are now in love with Amar as he is the beholder of this mystique essence. So they followed him like the hutch dog every time he was in the open.

Why Amar? for the time being remains a mystery.
Amar who doesn’t know all this was frustrated over the strange events happening around him. At this time, the referral bonus he was expecting to get in this month’s salary was actually due to be credited in the next month’s salary. This just aggravated his frustration and made him be mightily frustrated. Being mightily frustrated he climbed to the last floor of his office building and shouted

fucking fuckity fuckity fuuu……

Just as he was about to utter these words as loud as he could, the clouds seeing him cheered in the form of a mighty thunder dominating his loud shouting and the rains came down in a hurry over him. This made Amar more mightily frustrated and he stared at the clouds, being more mightily frustrated. Seeing Amar angry, the clouds became silent and dark. The rains stopped. Amar, still being more mightily frustrated, took a heavy breath and again shouted

fucking fuckity fuckity fuuu……

…and this time his words echoed through the skies and the Gods were listening…