After more than two years I visited Guntur. My home town. It still has the same cramped roads, but with more traffic. An indication of the prosperity of the people in the town. Did you know that Guntur has a Walmart store? But this prosperity also shows the inefficiency of the government for not taking measures to accommodate the needs of the people. Something not new to us. And because of this the town has the same roads our grand parents used ( seriously!! ) with insane traffic, and absolutely no order. The only good thing is despite the traffic you can reach almost any destinations within the town in 20 minutes. Something which is a dream for people living in Hyderabad.

Infrastructure wise Vijayawada seems to be doing better than Guntur. I visited their Shoppers Stop on the lanes of the Bandar road which was surprisingly very well maintained and people seemed to follow traffic rules here.


Talking about development, these towns have all the shopping malls and brands that we do. Also these towns are numbered to be the top two places in Andhra Pradesh to buy gold. Which goes to show that people have lots of money in these towns. Thus making these spots ideal places for mass market.

And when you talk about mass markets, the first thing to come to my mind is food. In Vijayawada their is a KFC outlet on the Bandar road. I went there on the sunday evening and it was insanely crowded. I asked Arshad, a waiter at KFC if this was the case daily, and he said yes.

Now if you are someone looking to invest some 4-5 million rupees in a business, I’d suggest opening a KFC or McD outlet in Guntur, as they already don’t have one yet. And from what I hear, you’d be minting money withing an year.


7 thoughts on “Guntur

  1. y dont u go n put up a kfc in guntur! always talking abt money money… this blog looks like a cheapshit from a sakshi newspaper!!

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