Trip to America

and it begins....

I have been to America in December’11. I have a few planned ones in the pipeline, but for now I would rate this trip as my best one till date. In the company of tight family, good friends, mere acquaintances and total strangers I have done some crazy shit which I can’t be talking about on a public domain, but apart from that I went to casinos, pubs and bars, movies, hockey game and did ice skating in two cities, music recital, ford museum, brewery, ford factory, wine tasting and visited many places of importance. And I walked a lot. I visited Boston, Cambridge, Nashua, New Jersey, New York, Detroit, Atlanta, St.Louis and Chicago. That is 9 cities in total, and in each of them I was there for a day and longer and visited the down town. Boston is my pick amongst these. I stayed in a few suburbs around these cities, and most of them are awesome.

in Boston

Comparisons are made on a lot of parameters, but with most of them considered, American is hands down a better place to live in than India. Especially for bachelors. The opportunities it presents are humongous, and irrespective of your nationality you always have a chance. You just have to shed your inhibitions, and you are all set. I tried my luck with a few things and it worked big time for me. The food like the infrastructure and the girls, is amazing too. I tried authentic cuisines of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, American, Italian and Mexican.

chinese cuisine

Talking about alcohol, they have some amazing drinks to offer. Draft beers especially are hard not to like. Not to mention the wines they have. Lucky me, I have been to a wine tasting as well.

somebody still cares about quality

some pics from the trip shared here


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