Road Side Assistance – Thank you very much.

Did you ever hear or read about AAA ? It is a conglomeration of autonomous automobile clubs offering multiple common services to its members, widely popular in the North America region. Their services include vehicle breakdown (both mechanical and electrical), flat tyre, dead battery, key lock-out, running out of fuel etc.

In its site AAA mentions that it currently has a member count of 51 million. All paid members.

RSA - Thank you very much

Talking about India, we definitely have more vehicles than in total North America because of our huge population. With a google search I could find multiple motor groups offering such services, but they aren’t under single roof, and many don’t offer all the services that I mentioned earlier, and most of them are road side assistance offered by car showrooms not extending their services to older vehicles and other brand vehicles. Now some people have already thought about forming an organization such as AAA in India. Check this link. But I don’t see any online presence for this initiative even though they mentioned they have funds worth 5 million rupees. Even if it materializes, in a big developing country like India, having a competitor would help keep the organization on its toes.

What I was thinking about is a developmental approach similar to Flipkart with a strong online and mobile presence, and services being second to none. Talking about parameters such as the costs involved in starting, running and growing a new business, ROI, financial investors, legal issues. marketing etc, I don’t know much about them. But if a multi-million rupees brand could be established with selling books online, then with the involvement of right people and enough funding I believe this to be an idea which will work. After all there are more people who ride vehicles than who read books in this country.



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