Growth, Comfort and heavy stuff

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Did it ever seem to you that growth and comfort are two words that never coexist? I ask as it did to me. Every opportunity that promised growth has without mercy dragged me out of my comfort zone. The distance I was dragged depended on the difficulty of the task that I set to do. Some of these experiences were super fun, and some were not so much. For me it all depended on how quickly I could see and feel the harvest. Doing things that don’t promise quick results is not really my forte, and as it dawns upon me that is where I need to grow.

that is how it is done...

I figured out the part that a compromise is most likely made between what we want, and how much we want to strive for it. Passion is a driving force in making these decisions. Without enough of it, the inner scale tends to dip towards the comfort zone, and the growth achieved is a but a mere shadow of the grand vision. Now this doesn’t really seem like a win-win situation, but compromise is not a bad thing. It shows that we care, and caring is a good thing. But if all that we care is about just being comfortable, then are we going in the right direction?


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