An afraid man

An afraid man

07:15 PM
Sun. 27 May.

I have been very scared the last two days, afraid that it might’ve been to late. I am unable to get over it. This feeling is intense and uncomfortable. Two years since I told myself that I would figure out things, and I still did not make any progress. The fact that I have turned 23 is not helping. I see people around me taking actions to change their lives whilst I wonder what to do next. Talking to friends didn’t really help, and I known this is something on which I am on my own. I want to take steps to change my life, to make it more exciting and to get back control of it. I want a better life and I want it now, and for that I need to choose now. Waiting for the perfect path no longer makes sense.

07:47 PM
Sun. 27 May.


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