The Monsoon Wedding

The Monsoon Wedding

Karthik and Shanu

To those who think wedding toasts aren’t cheesy and to those who think wedding toasts are cheesy but still don’t mind one, read on…

But first, picture me in a black tuxedo, hands raised with a glass of champagne. For those of you who don’t know me, my name’s Sundeep and I am the groom’s brother, and technically his Best Man. Many of you who’ve reached this page would know the trivia about this wedding, and now I’d like to tell you guys a little more.

Six months ago Karthik came to India to find a bride. Not every girl you see you like, and it was no different for him. But on that fateful day I could see excitement brimming in his face when he returned home after seeing the girl. I asked him how she was. He widened his eyes and raised his head. Our sign for amazing! Shanu wasn’t impressed enough though. You’d already know, and I reiterate. Girls are hard to please! So they meet again, and this time she gives him the nod. Hi-fi’s all around and the celebrations begun. First it was the Engagement ceremony and six months later, here we are back from just celebrating the ‘The Monsoon Wedding’. The most amazing part about this extravaganza was to see the two families bond, and even more incredible was to witness Shanu and Karthik fall in love. Two complete strangers, different in a thousand ways, united in the sacred ceremony of marriage.

To the two of the most amazing people I know,
May your future be filled with wine and roses,
To love and laughter, and happily ever after.

I have a piece of cowboy advice: “There’s two theories to arguing with a woman. Neither one works.” So remember who’s boss, and NEVER answer her back!