The Snake Scare

June 19th

Well it wasn’t any different when today started, and neither was I expecting it to be anything unlike the usual. It started being like any other boring regular Wednesday. Wake up, head to the gym, complete your shoulder workout, follow it up with a yoga session and get ready to get to work (?). As I was walked into the drawing room to pick up my shoes, I saw a thin pipe leaning against the mesh door of the room. On closer look the pipe was moving. Yes genius! you’ve guessed it right. It was a big snake (King Cobra) trying to get inside through the mesh door. Luckily it couldn’t. Lets call him Sam. Having realized what I just saw, I let out a war cry, instantly took out my phone and started clicking pictures. Duh! of course I’m kidding. What actually happened was I let out a loud shrill shriek and ran inside my house shouting “pedda paamu! pedda paamu!” (big snake! big snake!). By the time my dad came out, Sam was no longer there. My survival instincts kicked in, and I immediately locked up the three doors to our home. Just then I hear my dad call me “Sunny! Sam is back. It is big”. Before I could come and see, Sam was crawling away from our gate, and in a couple of minutes it came back in and moved towards the stair case. We had a limited view point through the mesh door as I was unwilling to open the door (my gut told me not to :D), and we lost sight of where Sam went. I immediately looked for snake catchers in the city and made a couple of calls. One of them responded to our S.O.S signal.

In about 15 mins Krishna (snake catcher) arrived. By this time my parents had alerted enough neighbors about Sam and there was a small crowd gathered outside our home. The ambiance turned scary and thanks to our description of Sam ( “pedda paamu! laavu ga vundi” – big snake! it is fat. ) no one dared to come in. We tell the expert where we had last seen Sam. Krishna goes around the house ruffling the plants and bushes in the garden, but does not find Sam. He finally comes to the staircase and notices a spare tyre lying under it. There was Sam, happily resting coiled inside the circumference of the tyre. Krishna drags the tyre outside the house into the open, pulls Sam out holding his tail. He tries sending him inside a pillow cover. All this while Sam was violently hissing at Krishna, now that his slumber party was gatecrashed. The only equipment Krishna needed to control Sam was a walking stick. He tried hard to cajole Sam to go inside the pillow cover, and he vehemently refused. So instead Krishna takes a big plastic can, and this time he manages to send Sam in and seal it. Sam still kept hissing and biting the plastic can though. Later Krishna nonchalantly made some holes in the can so that Sam could breathe. He later insisted that we take some pics, and so we did. Now that Sam was safely secured, all of us in the crowd turned brave.

Honestly speaking I was shit scared when I saw Sam so close. But definitely not as scared as I was on the day when we had to give our B.Tech project presentation to Prof. Jawahar and Prof. Vasu 😉

Here are some pics with Sam, Krishna, pillow cover, plastic can and a few of us from the crowd.

King Cobra in its full glory!

Sam in full glory!

Krishna talking to Sam

Krishna talking to Sam

Krishna at work

Krishna showing Sam the pillow cover


Krishna cajoling Sam to go inside the pillow cover

Sam refusing to go inside the pillow cover

Sam refusing to go inside the pillow cover

Krishna at work

Krishna sending Sam inside the can

Krishna at work

Krishna sealing the can

Sam in the Can

Sam in the Can

Sam in the can, with my Mom in the background

Sam in the can with my Mom in the background

Sam with brave me

Sam in the can with brave me

my dad holding Sam's can like Dhoni would the Champions trophy :P

my dad holding Sam’s can like Dhoni would hold the Champions trophy


8 thoughts on “The Snake Scare

  1. Interesting. Reminded me of my childhood when during summers I used to our hometown to have a sober refreshing life away from the monotonous primary school education. Every summer there used to be 2-3 days when my grandmother used to catch snakes before these snake catchers arrived and then hand it over to them. As a kid, I was shit scared. I still am. I used to get ‘snake’ nightmares until few years ago.

    Anyway, do you have pics of your BTP presentation?

  2. That would have been a thrilling experience to luk at a snake so closely..Even I happened to see snakes n got scared in my childhood, I vaguely remember my grandma mistakenly about to touch it, thinking it was my brother’s school belt…!! But, luckily as it moved away, nothing happened to any of us..!

  3. I Had a similar story, but it was at my office..I knw…It feels thrilling when you are the one who found it first 😉 [i posted the pictures in FB then ]

    Any ways nice usage of words!! 🙂

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