The Valentine’s day post

more like the story about a boy asking a girl out, but this is the closest picture i could find.


a girl changes her picture on a messenger app and a boy sees it, likes it and here it goes…

boy: nice pic.
girl: thank u 🙂
boy: trying to impress me?
girl: no.
boy: sure?
girl: yes.
boy: well… in case you are wondering, i was impressed.
girl: i know 😛
boy: how could you possibly know?
girl: somethings i just know.
boy: so… what are you going to do about it?
girl: what should i do about it?
boy: coffee, Starbucks?
girl: why should I? you are impressed, not me.
boy: well after the coffee, you might be.
girl: 😛
boy: so…?
girl: 4 pm sharp. pick me up.