Man is the Cruelest Animal

Stop right there! Before you make any assumptions, let me tell you the title is about the HBO’s new hit program True Detective. I have been wanting to watch this show since Jan. I was holding back for the entire season 1 to air. Waiting week after week for a new episode gets on my nerves, especially when the show is good. And from what I read on my timeline on Twitter, I heard only great things about this show. So I knew what I was going to do during my spring break. The problem was that my holidays started before the last episode aired, and in the time between I started playing Dota. Later I postponed because of a road trip and an impending deadline from my part-time job. All things done I got to watching the show yesterday, and was able to pull a marathon, as planned.

Man is the Cruelest Animal

True Detective: Man is the Cruelest Animal

Let me state this first. I liked the show. A lot. I have always liked Woody Harrelson. He is a good actor with a great timing for humor. The thing is he outdid himself in his role as Marty Hart, and this time he did more than just make you laugh. ¬†Matthew McConaughey is the rising star everyone is watching out for right now. I first read about him after I saw Nolan’s Interstellar teaser. Then I loved his cameo in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. I haven’t seen the movie Dallas Buyers Club, but I read about the splendid job he did in the movie and it came as no surprise when he won the Oscar for best actor this year. So seeing him play the bad-ass Rust Cohle was mighty entertaining. He delivers some epic one liners in this show. His character is a mix of Sherlock and Dexter, and his tone similar to Christian Bale’s Batman from Nolan’s trilogy. Give it some time and you are bound to find memes galore on his conversations with Marty Hart. Creating Rust Cohle is a mark of genius from Nick Pizollato the creator of True Detective.

True Detective maintains an eerie spooky feel through the season and the genre is more drama than thriller, sans the season finale. Some kick-ass conversations coupled with great acting from Woody Harrelson and¬†Matthew McConaughey, brilliant writing by Nick Pizollato, and great direction from Cary Fukunaga makes this show a definite watch. And that cameo by Alexandra Daddario is jaw dropping good. You’ll know when you see it as your jaw will drop. It is safe to say HBO got to it right once again. With the kind of shows it is producing (Game of Thrones, The Newsroom) HBO is on a roll right now and it looks like it can do no wrong. Oh wait! I forgot how bad Hello Ladies was ;).

Those of you who haven’t already seen True Detective; what are you waiting for? It is only 8 episodes long (with an additional 12 min making episode). If you could spend half your active day, you can check off a top notch show from your watch list. And in Rust Cohle’s style I’d say that is one fucking awesome deal. Go take it.