Squaw Valley resort

We went to Squaw Valley resort last week. This resort is near Lake Tahoe and is set beautifully in the middle of mountains. The scenic view from the resort is breath taking, especially with the snow covered mountains, and natural green all around. This is a Ski resort, so the first thing we did after getting there was to take a lift to the top of a mountain and Ski. Skiing is a lot of fun, if you know how to ski. Otherwise it is still fun, but by the end of the day you most probably would end up hurting your butt. I kind of had mine imprinted all over the mountain.

74953eed0823a1b184f6128db76083faI also got to ride on a Ski-mobile, and it was exhilarating. We ended our day in a Karaoke party with a full bar, so that wasn’t so bad. The next day I mostly strolled around the resort, and in the afternoon took the bike trail along the Truckee river. This was a 2 hour ride, and we had two guides accompanying us for the ride. I rode a mountain bike for the first time, and I think I like it. It takes a bit more effort to ride, but offers a lot of control. Our guides made sure we had enough pit stops to slow down and enjoy the ride. And apart from explaining the historical significance of the place they did tell us some interesting stories. Fyi Squaw Valley resort was the host to 1960 Winter Olympics. At the foot of the mountain you can see the olympic symbol decorating multiple view fronts in the resort.

Some pics below

IMG_20150311_131550 IMG_20150311_154011 IMG_20150311_162509 IMG_20150311_163002 IMG_20150312_114312 IMG_20150312_114315 IMG_20150312_114325 IMG_20150312_115553 IMG_20150312_141506 IMG_20150312_150039


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