Wolfpack at MTV


A couple of weeks ago we had a group of 30 NC State students visit us at MTV as part of a Silicon Valley tour conducted by the Entrepreneurship Initiative at NC State . A few days before they visited I got an email from a recruiter asking me if I would be interested to be a part of a panel which would do an information session with these students. While I was not sure what I would speak to them, I was kind of excited about it so I said yes. The group which headed down to meet us, was very diverse. It had students from Poole, Textiles, Industrial and Engineering courses.

The panel had 5 people including me, and only 2 of us were SWEs. Among others there was a Psychologist (cool, ah!), a Product Manager, and an IT resident. Apart from sharing my experiences, I got a chance to hear the perspectives of people from different roles in our company. And it is always fun to hear older alum share their fun experiences about state. The group was very interactive, so we ended up having a good time answering their questions, and in general talking to them. After the information session we walked around the campus taking them to a few good photo hot spots, and later to lunch. One incident I distinctly remember was, after getting the food at the cafe a couple of students from the group asked us where should they pay. And when we said they don’t have to, it was fun to see their reaction :).

I did wish I knew about this tour while I was still a student, so if you are still at State and if you’d be interested in something like this you should probably check out when this would happen again and apply for it.

Update [03/25]:
Thanks to Sabrina, our Programs Coordinator I was able to get my hands on a few pictures





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