Silicon Valley

I am talking about the show, not the place. The show is primarily about the place so I guess it doesn’t really matter. Anyways season 2 started last week (I think many people did not notice it because GOT premiered on the same day. Fun fact both these shows are HBO productions).

This episode was funny, and I especially liked the scene where Evan Spiegel defends Snapchat in a memorial service. Yes it was Evan Spiegel and yes it was a funny scene. This episode had cameos from Drew Houston and the Winklevoss brothers as well. Cool huh? I wonder how Mike Judge convinced them to make an appearance.

Do you remember seeing any popular faces from the tech world in season 1? I can’t, but if you do, don’t forget mention who and from which episode.



I have always liked Matt Murdock aka Daredevil. The first time I saw the Daredevil character was in the 90’s Spiderman cartoon (this is one of the best superhero cartoons ever made), and later I read a few of his comic books. People who are well versed with the Spidey universe would know about Daredevil, as this crime fighting superhero is from New York too. And to those don’t who know him from there, you would probably have heard about the Ben Affleck movie with the same name (this movie is painfully bad). Nevertheless when I got to know that Netflix was doing Daredevil, I was skeptical (while I like House of Cards, season 3 was a drag and I do not like Orange is the new black. I find the latter unsettling).


Last night I read some good things about this show, so today I caught up with the pilot episode. In one word the episode is brilliant. Like the other TV shows in the Marvel world (Agents of Shield and Agent Carter), Daredevil starts from where The Avengers ends (half of New York is in ruins, and the city is rebuilding itself) and is connected to the Marvel cinematic universe. Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil fits well, and Elden Henson as his trusted associate/friend is likable. The pilot is centered around Deborah Ann Woll, who is excellent as Karen Page. The costume was slick and very contemporary, and so were the action sequences.


Daredevil is a complex character with a multitude of dimensions. Unlike most known superheroes from the Marvel universe he has a dark background, and no obvious super powers, thus making his story lines very interesting. It is high time Marvel did something right by this character, and from just watching the pilot it looks like its partnership with Netflix has done just that. This makes me very excited to see the rest of the show, and thanks to the Netflix way of producing shows, the reminder of season 1 is waiting to be watched.

A year in Review : 2014

2014 is long gone, but there some things you can always reminiscence. My highlights of the year include me graduating, my parents visiting for my graduation, then our family going on a 1600 mile long road trip, taking my parents to a casino in Las Vegas and making them gamble (I promised my Dad, I would 🙂 ), living in New York for the entire summer (I wanted to do this ever since I saw Friends, so one less item on my bucket list. And to sum up my experience it was worth all the hype), jumping of a perfectly good airplane, meeting CEO’s of multi-billion dollar firms, getting to know a few really cool people and going for the premier of Game of Thrones season 4 (this one is here because I love this show, like a billion other people and some pretty crazy things happened that day).


Apart from these, anything generic that I talk about is probably old news. Most of us know what happened at the Indian Elections, Oscars, Emmys, IPL, EPL, Wimbledon etc. So I rather not bore you with any more details. I hope you had a great 2014, and heres wishing for an excellent 2015 :).

In case you’d be interested to read something similar, you can read more here (2013) and here (2012).

Big Sur

Big Sur, rhymes with Ben Hur. I haven’t seen the movie, but we visited the former yesterday. To those who don’t know, Big Sur is this scenic drive way 3 hours from San Jose. On one side you have rocky hills, and on the other you have an unending view of the Pacific. Its quite gorgeous at worst, and can be breath-taking at best. Remember that song in the beginning of the movie 3-idiots ? Taking the drive kind of reminded me of this song

Once we reached the 17 mile Dr we took a couple of short breaks, and made sure we got to see the setting sun. This was the most beautiful sun set I had ever seen. I had this weird, fuzzy warm feeling in my belly. I might’ve been hungry, or it must be one of those things which you feel when you are so close to nature; I am not entirely sure.

A few pics that we took

IMG_0105 IMG_0153 IMG_0149IMG_0140IMG_0175