Big Sur

Big Sur, rhymes with Ben Hur. I haven’t seen the movie, but we visited the former yesterday. To those who don’t know, Big Sur is this scenic drive way 3 hours from San Jose. On one side you have rocky hills, and on the other you have an unending view of the Pacific. Its quite gorgeous at worst, and can be breath-taking at best. Remember that song in the beginning of the movie 3-idiots ? Taking the drive kind of reminded me of this song

Once we reached the 17 mile Dr we took a couple of short breaks, and made sure we got to see the setting sun. This was the most beautiful sun set I had ever seen. I had this weird, fuzzy warm feeling in my belly. I might’ve been hungry, or it must be one of those things which you feel when you are so close to nature; I am not entirely sure.

A few pics that we took

IMG_0105 IMG_0153 IMG_0149IMG_0140IMG_0175    






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