Product Hunt

Did you ever visit the site Product Hunt? I don’t exactly remember when, but I discovered this site 3-4 months ago, and right now I visit it everyday. This site is basically a platform where the best new products are surfaced every day. A user here can create collections of his favorite products or categorize them. Now one of things I really like about this site is that the developers/makers of the site interact with the users, and more often than not there are some very interesting conversations happening around.

Now not all users can comment on the site. You need to be really active on social media discussing about the products on this platform or be a maker of a product to get commenting access. I still don’t have commenting access, but if you do and could send me an invite, when we meet the first round of beer is on me :).

Product Hunt

This company was founded in November, 2013 by Ryan Hoover. Its been around for 18 months now, and has received $7.5 million in funding. It is backed up Y-Combinator, Google Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz, the famous ones from a big list of investors. It has a very good Alexa ranking (3836) too.

I discovered some interesting products from first time founders on this site, and I also have seen products from the big firms surface on here as well. For instance I found out about WhatsApp for the web, and Facebook’s Messenger for the web on this platform first.

That’s all I have to say, so why don’t you go hunt for some good products now.


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