Man’s World

Gender inequality is a very real thing; you probably already know this, but so is unconscious bias. Often many of us don’t realize our biases until someone or something explicitly points it out. Having a bias has nothing to do with a person being good or bad, meaning anyone could be biased. The way you over come these unconscious biases is by becoming aware of them, and consciously making choices to not fall for them again.

If you are thinking, but why now? Well I just came across a mini web-series by Yash Raj Films – ‘Man’s World’. This is a 4 episode series, each lasting ~15 mins and has a one liner for a plot. What if women treated men, the way men treat women. The series was short and entertaining. I liked the casting, the acting was good, and the screenplay racy. The message intended was not subtle either :). If you have watched web series by TVF or AIB in the past you’ll find a few familiar faces as well. This series reminded me of a Telugu movie from the early 90’s – ‘Jambalakidi Pamba’. This movie is a laugh riot, and was a blockbuster back in the day.


Here is the trailer of the web series

You can watch the entire series here. It is in Hindi, but also has English subtitles.

And you can watch the movie ‘Jambalakidi Pamba’ here


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