Netflix-ing Tomatoes

I stopped taking the scores on Rotten Tomatoes seriously, especially after shows like Arrow, Flash have > 96% freshness rating but I still visit the site regularly to catch up on movies/shows. Also I never saw a series or a move get an absolute score on either end of the spectrum. At least not until a few days ago.

First it was the show ‘Master of None’. It is 100% fresh on this site. I did not hear about it before, but the rating got me curious, and I had Greeshma tell me it was very good. Add to that it was a Netflix presentation. So I watched it and was not disappointed at all. Aziz Ansari was super funny, and adding to that the writing and the supporting cast was pretty hilarious as well.


Fast forward a few days later, I saw the trailer for a new Adam Sandler movie releasing directly on Netflix – ‘The Ridiculous Six’. Sure Adam Sandler did not star in any hit movies lately, but I enjoyed watching his movies ’50 First Dates’ and ‘Click’ and since this was a Netlfix presentation I thought this might be a good outing for him. So on the day of the release in the evening I check this movies vibe on Rotten Tomatoes, and damn! This movie gets an absolute 0% rating. While I could not brave myself to watch the movie,  reading a few comments from the critics made me think the movie should have been named ‘The ridonculous six’, you know for the extra emphasis on the ridiculousness.

ridiculous 6


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