The Ones with the celebrity trainer

Last week I got an invite to join a fitness class by Ben Zorn. I did not know who he was but the invite mentioned that he was a celebrity trainer. His website mentions that he is a personal trainer, nutrition coach and a life coach. The class was a total body strength class based on tabatas; mostly pushups,  planks, burpees, crunches, jumping jacks and a few other routines based on working with our body weight. We trained on an outdoor turf, and it was very cold, but I still managed to sweat. And that is usually a sign of a good workout for me.

At the end of the class he was surrounded by many students who started asking him to pictures with them. That is when it hit me that when the invite mentioned he was a celebrity trainer, he not only trains celebrities, but is also a celebrity himself. A Google search showed that he participated in the reality TV show ‘The Bachelorette’ recently. It was an ‘aha’ moment.




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