The devil, he is coming back


I can’t wait for March 18th to come. That is one Friday I wouldn’t mind the least bit staying home. You know why? Well the Devil , he is coming back. If it wasn’t for my generous friend who shares his Netflix account, I would have paid Netflix just to watch this show. Its that good. It was hands down the best TV show in 2015. Games of Thrones, Jessica Jones, Narcos, Master of None and Silicon Valley… while these shows were hugely entertaining in 2015, DareDevil tops them all. And based on how much I liked Jessica Jones (they share the same universe), I am supremely confident of being extremely entertained.

If you haven’t already watched them, here is the 2 part trailer for season 2



It is common for most offices to have themes around naming its conference rooms and I have seen themes inspired from super heros, comics, movies, places, dogs, food and even movies of a specific director (Alfred Hitchcock and Christopher Nolan). But recently I went to this office where for the 1st time I had seen a conference room named after a Telugu movie

The movie is Indra, a super hit telugu movie from Chiranjeevi also known as the Mega Star. On further exploring I saw all the other conference rooms in that floor where named after his movies as well. Here are some pictures that I took

Being surprised would be an understatement. I mean not every day you’d come across a software company which names its conference rooms after a popular actor in your native language. Well this way we could say the office is truly regional. And there where rooms after his other movies too – Veta, Abhilasha, Tagore etc. And before I left I did get a picture 😉