Decentralized Dance Party

DDP; had no clue what it was, but I thought it sounded cool. A bunch of us ended up going to SFO. Venue was Cupid park, right by the pier. And it one of those days when the weather was really nice. I think we were early, we saw a sizable crowd, many of them dressed up as bananas. Yeah, you read it right. More people gathered as time went by. A lot more costumes showed up.

Loud noises, boom boxes, single frequency, and a lot of costumes. Then they explain it to us. We are gonna dance, and dance all the way through SFO. Haha, I felt like running away. But my friends were up for it; I had to stick with them. And am I glad. It was super fun. We danced around the streets of SFO for 4 straight hours. Had by-walkers dancing with us, taking pictures with us, smiling at us, laughing because of us, and all that paparazzi ;).  Of all the songs that played, I probably knew a couple of them. Didn’t matter, cause that didn’t stop us from having fun; didn’t stop me from having fun. The next time you hear DDP, just go stand in the line. Its well worth your evening.

My friend, she took a few pictures in her iPhone. Right now there aren’t that many platforms which support live photos. But I have the next best thing, thanks to Google. GIFs. Here you go…











The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis

It was either pretty late on the Saturday night or very early into Sunday, we were coming back from SF when my friend realized we were almost out of gas. She could make the trip to our apartments, but she needed more gas to go back to hers. Someone suggested that there was a gas station nearby, but unfortunately it was closed. So by the time we got to our place the car was almost done. We had couches to crash, but that was not the problem. It was one of those nights where we were ridiculously dressed (it’s another story), so going to the gas station dressed like that was the issue.

There is an Uber for everything now. So my first thoughts were why haven’t I heard of any service which delivered gas on demand. Of course these thoughts came the next day; I was too tired to think that night. Turns out there are indeed services which deliver gas on demand. Multiple actually. The first one that I found through a quick Google search was Purple app. I was surprised to know its been out there since over an year. I also found two other companies which do something similar and they have been around for a while too. FILLD and Booster Fuels. While all the three companies have apps on both Android and iOS, they have less than 5000 installs, and none of them operate in the San Francisco Bay area. That’s interesting.

The pricing for these companies was simple; its basically the cost of fuel in your area. In addition to taking a service fee (Purple charges $5.99 for one hour delivery, and $3.99 for 3 hours), these companies probably must be making money by getting the gas for cheaper prices (similar to how gas stations manage), but save on the fact that they don’t have to lease or setup gas stations. But they do need to manage the entire logistics supply chain – drivers, their training, operators to support the drivers, customer support and ten thousand more things that all on demand service companies manage.

I was under the impression that things like getting gas and hair cuts are truly offline. Now that the gas crisis is already being taken care of, lets just wait for the hair cuts. And oh, there is a show (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis) out there which solved this problem, apprantely a long time ago

LinkedIn for Students

While I am a bit surprised it got hunted over a Sunday evening, I think LinkedIn might have just launched something really cool – LinkedIn Students, a site centered around helping college students find jobs.

Sure there are hundreds of sites which already do that, LinkedIn included, and these are especially useful when you know what you are looking for. But more so often we don’t know what the hell we want, so having a chance to peek through the buffet before binge eating is totally helpful. I mean there are so many instances when I wanted to eat Bajji but instead ended up eating Biryani. Not that I am complaining, but I am digressing. Coming back to talking about things not in the context of food, a ComSci major may not always want a Software Engineer Internship/Job. They might prefer a UX/PM role or something else. You never know, and even if you did, not a lot of us know how to go about representing ourselves and doing courses/projects to get what we want. Apart from giving advice on how do the same, this site lets you search for a position based on type, role, location, field, company and even alumni. Cool huh?

I played with the site for a bit last night, and I already like it. That’s probably evident considering I am writing this post, but do check it out. They also have apps for Android and iOS. So if you are a student who is using a Windows phone, maybe its time to switch over to the Android side :)?

PS: I am not sure if it is a thing yet, but I have a few invites for hunting/commenting access on Product Hunt. In case you want one, drop me a message with your twitter handle.

Drones are cool, but Parachutes are cooler



Drones have been in the news since a long time, but it is taking forever for them to actually do stuff. So Google Express has come up with this revolutionary technology involving Parachutes to bring the things you need, right to your hands, exactly when you need them. Yup, the future is here, and this is how it looks…