Decentralized Dance Party

DDP; had no clue what it was, but I thought it sounded cool. A bunch of us ended up going to SFO. Venue was Cupid park, right by the pier. And it one of those days when the weather was really nice. I think we were early, we saw a sizable crowd, many of them dressed up as bananas. Yeah, you read it right. More people gathered as time went by. A lot more costumes showed up.

Loud noises, boom boxes, single frequency, and a lot of costumes. Then they explain it to us. We are gonna dance, and dance all the way through SFO. Haha, I felt like running away. But my friends were up for it; I had to stick with them. And am I glad. It was super fun. We danced around the streets of SFO for 4 straight hours. Had by-walkers dancing with us, taking pictures with us, smiling at us, laughing because of us, and all that paparazzi ;).  Of all the songs that played, I probably knew a couple of them. Didn’t matter, cause that didn’t stop us from having fun; didn’t stop me from having fun. The next time you hear DDP, just go stand in the line. Its well worth your evening.

My friend, she took a few pictures in her iPhone. Right now there aren’t that many platforms which support live photos. But I have the next best thing, thanks to Google. GIFs. Here you go…











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