The silent guardian

Probably it was a weekend and in the morning, because both my brother and I were at home. He came up to me and asked me to go with him on his new bike. That was the only time I get to go on the new bike, so I hopped on. We went to one of his friends house; he got down the bike while I was still sitting on it. And then he asks me

he: do you want to ride?

My eyes widen, and I smile, slowly; still suspicious. He never allowed me to ride his new bike. I was only 12 years then, so even my mom and dad were on his side. Nevertheless I was not gonna miss the opportunity, so I nodded my head.

sloth laugh

he: Are you sure you can ride?

me: <I nod>

he: Ok. Don’t tell mom I gave you the bike. If you do, you are not getting it again.

me: <I nod again>

he: If mom asks for me, tell her I went to a friends house. Tell her my friend picked me up.

me: <Like a diligent kid, I nod again. I was playing the future in my head. Riding the new bike.>

he: Say ‘Christopher’. 

me: huh?

he: Say it. ‘Christopher’.

me: Christopher.

he: Say it in your mind. 

me: <Christopher>; I did.

He leaves, and I took off on the bike. I don’t think I have given it much thought then. Last night I got into my car to drive, when I chanted ‘Christopher‘. That’s when I realized, even after all these years, I still do it. I have been doing it ever since that day. I don’t know me to be superstitious, but some things I think we just believe in them. Christopher, when I am on the road, he is my watchful protector, the silent guardian.


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