I like toasts; ever since I saw Joey give one. While I did give toasts before, it was never in a suit, and with champagne; with whiskey sure, but with the bubbly drink, nope. Why now? Well I came across this video from Friends that brought back memories. Toasts, I like them, because they are funny, and at times can be heartfelt and real. And being real is hard, for some harder than others; so I think we should all give them. More often. And because it is an indication of a celebration, of the start of something; a new chapter, a new beginning. Folks, here is me keeping it simple

To the people in my life,
hugs for standing by,
three cheers!


and here’s to embarrassing a few of them 😉

I have written toasts before and if you’d like to read them, you can find them here (The Monsoon Wedding) and here (The ones with the graduation). And to lighten up the mood, this is what got me started

and here are a couple more


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