Bay to breakers

It is a 12 km run that happens once every year. Maybe run is not the accurate word to describe this event; I mean sure there are people who run, but I think it is mostly known for people dressing up and walking/dancing through the streets of San Francisco. In some streets they party so hard, it reminds me of the American Pie movies… “boom boxes, dancing, booze, weed and brownies”. There is a lot of cosplay, and for me that is one of the major highlights. Lets be honest; Halloween in the summer is awesome considering we don’t need jackets and hoodies to cover up those marvelous costumes.


Fresh face, at the start of the walk!


One of those party houses

We did this last year too, but I enjoyed it more this year. Kiran tells me we took 2hr 50 mins last year to walk our way to the finish line. This time we did it in just 2 hours. Cheers to that! Last year towards the end of the race, I tapped Kiran from behind challenging for a race. Of course I beat him to the finish line, and that is when we got this pic clicked (one of my favorites).

Bay to Breakers

Run, Forrest, Run!

This year he tried doing the same thing, and got the head start. But I was able to sneak in the gap between two people and I beat him again. Good luck next year bud ;).

After the finish line you walk through this pier overlooking the beach, and that alone makes waking up early on that day worth it. Not to mention all the naked people, costumes, the dancing, scenic views and the laughs. And we topped off the walk with Haleem, Biryani and Qubani Ka Meetha. So woohoo :).


By the pier overlooking the beach


The ones with the awww costumes


Towards the finish line

race_1765_photo_34866426 (1)

Victory smiles after the finish line


Cold, hard, steel!

I am sure you were hoping to look at pictures with more than our faces, but due to their innate scandalous nature, won’t be posting them here (I’d like to keep this blog family friendly 😛 ). But in case you are curious, and if you are around, you should join us the next year. We are a lazy going fun bunch, and as they say the more the merrier :).


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