That night when it was a bit more than Game of Thrones

We just got back from a run and a heavy lunch, and I knew what I was gonna do with the rest of my afternoon. Figure out gas stations. Yup as ridiculous as it may sound, I never used one in this country (one of the reasons why I wrote this). But after that I was gonna watch Game of Thrones with a friend; our Sunday ritual since the last few weeks. She arrived a bit early, and when I went to buzz her in, she got a few other friends with her. They had beer, wine and champagne. A few more friends came by later with more drinks. I thought Kiran and Boddu might get a cake, and Karthik and Shanthi vadina might come say hi, but apart from that I wasn’t expecting anything. I mean there have been enough May 16s now and I wasn’t really in the celebratory mood this year. So I would have been happy with a good episode of Game of Thrones. But it turned out be much more; there was cake, lots of it, on my face, champagne and showers, and kicks, shouts, laughs, music, food, and drinks. It turned out to be a party, and we didn’t even wait till the episode finished.

Here is a biggg huggg for everyone who was there that day, who made it special for me, for wishing me and for celebrating the day with me. Thank you :).



Setting up the whiskey shot

I had to do a Glenlivet shot before I cut the cakes. Our rooms tradition 😀


IMG_20160516_015614 (1)

All the champagne we opened that night


Group shot!

Shanthi Vadina baked that. We didn’t take a pic that day, but I do have an older one 🙂
At work. My teammates got this :).
That was red velvet with strawberries 🙂

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