There are tens and thousands of products launching everyday, and while we probably come come across a minute fraction of those not every one of those gets you excited. But once in a while you see something that makes you sit up, and take notice.

There are a myriad of Uber for blah and Netflix for blah blah services out there; while a only a few of them are just as exciting as the original ideas (don’t believe me, well be amazed 😛 ),  the other day Amazon launched a new product (company ?) which is very exciting for people who like reading comics and manga. ComiXology gives you access to tons of comics from top publishers (Marvel and DC) and is based on a subscription model like Netflix. Its $5.99 a month only, and f you like reading comics I don’t see you getting a better deal.

iron spider

Iron Spider: Probably one of the best costumes of Spidey. I really hope they use or atleast tease this armor in Spiderman: Homecoming

Right now they have a one month trial. I already checked and they have all the Civil War story line bundles. You like the movie? Well the comics are better (reason why they made the movie ?). If you have a 5+ inch phone you can totally enjoy reading off your phone. And here is the suggested reading order, not that you need it as Comixology already takes care of organizing that for you. Well then, go on now and read, you can thank me later :).


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