It never gets easier

One of those late days at work, and I missed climbing with the usual suspects the day before because of the same reason. So when the clock showed 9 pm, I figured I can climb for at least 90 mins. The gym was super crowded, and as my luck would have it I couldn’t find a belay partner. This never happened, even when there were a lot less people in the gym. This meant I had to do the next best thing. Bouldering!

I warmed up with a few V0, V1 and V2 trails. Then I crossed paths with the V3 that I did before. There where a bunch of people in front of the trail; they were taking turns trying to scale that and all of them were failing. I did this a bunch of times till now, and I was warmed up. I was sure I would be able to do it, so once they left, I gave it a shot. I failed. Then I tried again. I failed again. Then I tried again and again, and I kept falling off repeatedly. This went on for the next 15 mins or so. I was not sure why I was not able to scale it this time and it was frustrating. And again as luck would have it I did not have a phone (my phone broke two days ago and I have been off the mobile-grid since), so I couldn’t see how I did it the last time.

While I was staring at the trail trying to figure out where I was misstepping, I saw a lady step in front of the same trail, examine it for a few seconds, and started climbing it. She looked like she knew what she was doing, so I paid attention. I realized my mistake. While I was dropping my left knee to reach to the next sloper, I was not doing the same with my right knee. Astonishingly stupid because I did the same thing a bunch of times before and in the last 20 mins it never hit me that I was not doing that.

I go back on the trial and this time I tried what I just saw. I could finish the trail, and it wasn’t even that hard. After climbing a few more trials I was ready to leave. So I was changing my shoes, thinking about how I made an ass out of myself and making a mental note to do this V3 when I come back, I noticed a small tag stuck to one of the walls which had this quote

It never gets easier. You just get better.


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