Dolores park

Do you always end up having a favorite spot in a city? Is it enough to visit once, or do you have to be there for sometime to have one? In a big city like New York, there are so many beautiful places, many of those give you a panoramic view of the city, or the expansive sight of the hudson, but my favorite is Times Square. Remember those red stairs? When I lived there, I used to walk by the hudson, grab a coffee, sit on the red stairs in Times Square and just be. Once in a while I’d have a gentle tap on my shoulder or a soft spoken excuse me, asking to click a picture. I’d be there in the evenings, most of the times, and it was always busy, people taking pictures and selfies everywhere, smiles, laughs, shouts and noise all around and yet I would sit there for hours without being disturbed, or getting distracted. I’d notice when I wanted to, zone out and be lost in my thoughts, the cold winds in the evening, thanks to the hudson, gush through your hair, cooling you down and the city after a hot summer afternoon, taking your worries away and bringing a smile on the face. It was calm, pleasant, and happy!

There is something enigmatic about with vista points and unending sights. Seeing all the sky scrapers line up in front of you, or the mountain ranges or the mighty waters to as far as you can see, and especially during the sunrise and sunset times, does have a dramatic affect on my senses. I mean I don’t concentrate on any one thing, and I don’t focus on the whole view either. While my eyes constantly look for a resting point, somewhere in the confusion, I do end up feeling calm. When I see something so vast in front of me, in that moment I feel so small, and my mind goes numb. Just for a second at a time, I go in and out, and that’s when I have my zen moments. Looking at wide spread mountains at the end of a hike, or dark skies filled with stars on silent nights, and walking and sitting on ocean beaches, listening to the crashing of waves, while your eyes try to catch a glimpse of where the waters end, the cool ocean breeze hugging you, and when the orange hue from the sunset drenches you, it feels blissful.


I now live 2100 miles in the opposite direction, on an another coast. I have a favorite spot here too. It has this pleasing view of the city that you’d generally have from a vista point, but also has a lot of people around laughing, shouting, drinking and playing never have I ever, while dogs which look like dire wolves on a diet run amok. You can smell weed while people in tank tops go around selling coconut and rum. Unlike most vista points where you are either leaning or sitting on the ledge, here you can lie on the green grass, half of you bathing in the sun, half of you resting in the shade, while dried yellow leaves fall over you. Its beautiful and relaxing. Dolores park, have you been there before?


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