Technique and Pants

It was pretty late when I got to the gym. It was cold and crowded. My other friends were already climbing, and doing alternative climbs means less climbs for each of us. So I tried finding a belay partner but no one was available. I guess I see a pattern now; it’s harder to find a partner when the gym is crowded. I drag my legs to the bouldering wall, telling myself that I would do a couple of trails and then leave. That’s when I saw two familiar faces. Colleagues from work. I go talk to them and they were just getting started. We chose a section of the wall and planned to do all the trails on that.


All the V2s we did today are on this wall


After the last fiasco when I broke my phone, I no longer bring the phone while climbing. So borrowed Margaret’s phone to take these pics.

We warmed up with V0s and V1s and then started doing some V2s. There where a lot of V2s and each of them was of a different style – crimp, pinch, jugs, arete, press, cross and high step. While we were struggling our way through them, one after the other, once in a while you would notice someone come up and do the same trail with movements that look like a hot knife cutting through a slab of butter. Smooth and fast; with little to no effort. And every time I see someone like that it reminds me that there is no technique or even worse bad technique in my climbs. Paying attention helps though, as I have noticed climbing the same trails become significantly easier once you get a hang of the right technique. By the end of the night we did a bunch of V2s; 7 of them to be accurate, multiple times. It was fun and satisfying, except for the news that they dismantled our favorite V3 :(.

Oh yeah, the thing about pants… when you are climbing in shorts you end up scratching your legs on the wall a lot of times. Sure it ain’t so bad if you have a steady technique and can easily find balance, but if you are wobbly like me then the legs can get pretty scratched up. You won’t always notice those scratches during the climbs as you are focused on the next sloper, but you most definitely will feel every single one of them when you are taking a hot shower after the climbs. My solution to this problem was to get joggers. Tracks are nice, but I don’t like climbing in them as they are loose on the calves and shins. While women have leggings, men have joggers. They fit nice and tight on the calves and shins making them real comfortable for climbs.


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