The Rise of the Queens of Westeros

**Spoiler Alert** Its almost been a week now, and if you haven’t already caught up with the show; what the hell are you doing? Go watch the show and then come back and read this.

Sure the story moved miles forward in season 6, plots reaching the predicted courses, narratives converging, more people dying, mysteries unravelling, and yet the entire season kind of felt like a snooze fest up until the last 2 episodes. I liked the battle sequence in the penultimate episode, and the finale, it was marvelous. The tone was like the rest of the season, we already knew what was going to happen; it was easy to predict sure, but the way the story unfolded in absolute silence, with chaos slowly building up to the moment we all see what the The Lion Queen does and the Mad King wanted to do. Brilliant!

This is no review but if I had to summarize, this season was primarily about The Rise of the Queens of Westeros

  • The Dragon Queen (Targaryen)
  • The Lion Queen (Lannister)
  • The Wolf Queen (Stark)
  • The Kraken Queen (Greyjoy)
  • The Snake Queen (Sand Snakes)

and as an added bonus

  • The rise of the White Wolf (Snow)
  • The return of the Assassin (Stark)

If this was an anime, there would be at least 7 movies with those names 😛

The way Dracarys is tamed kind of reminds me of how Ash wins Charizard’s trust and confidence. If you’ve ever seen that story line you’d totally agree with me. Difference being the pokemon story is way more convincing :D. Watch it for yourself

We can’t really not talk about the show, without talking about the music. It was haunting. Probably one of the best soundtracks ever created for a TV show. All hail the man behind the music, Ramin Djawadi. The same maestro who composed the music for Pacific Rim, and in an epic team up with Hans Zimmer, co-composed the music for Pirates of the Caribbean.

And talking about season 7, we know what’s in store for us. An epic versus match between The Dragon Queen and The Lion Queen with dialogues, dragons, more haunting music and lots of graphics. Yippie Ki Yay, now wait for it! And until then here is something that will make you laugh





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