When we were kids every Sunday, early in the morning our Dad used to drag my brother and me out of our beds, put us in front of the TV and asked us to do the Baba Ramdev version of Yoga. On a Sunday we woke up not to watch jungle book, but to do yoga!

Fast forward to maybe 10 years, while I was doing my undergrad at IIIT-Hyderabad, there was a mandatory requirement to get 2 credits (I think) in fitness related courses in order to graduate. While going to the ground and running at 6 am in the morning is an option, there was another option too. Go to our mess/yoga studio and do savasana for 45 minutes and then go get breakfast. Many of us did prefer the latter option.

My interactions with Yoga were limited to those above experiences until about 3 weeks ago. I was talking to a friend, when I told her that my shoulder and hip flexor were acting up, when she recommended going to a Yoga class. According to her it relaxes the body, helps with the breathing and calms the head. I was in.

It was awfully quiet as I walked into the class, and yet surprisingly crowded. After a quick glance I could find only one spot, and that was right in front of the instructor. While I had the intention to tippy toe myself outside the room, I found the instructors gaze meet mine. She pointed to the spot in front of her, and so I quietly walked up there and spread my mat. Half way through the class, I was wobbly, falling, sweating, awkwardly stretching, and far from holding a posture, I was unable to even get myself to do most of them. As embarrassing as it was, the tip of the iceberg was when the instructor asked us to do a specific posture where you are balancing your weight on your sacrum, while lifting up your heels, and while trying to do that posture, I rolled over my head. I did make a few people chuckle, along with the instructor, including myself. Making people laugh, well that was me giving back to the society that day :D. At the end of the class, as I was rolling my mat, the instructor came up to me, smiled and whispered come back.

I have been going back after that and while I am still awkward, wobbly and fall often, I do have my moments when my head shuts up, and I have been walking out of the class relaxed. It’s kind of interesting that the International Yoga Day came after a couple of weeks from when I started practicing yoga. Coincidence huh! 🙂


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