Not that we were not all adults, but a call for a game of Laser Tag still had us assembled. Along with small kids, we were given instructions, equipment and led into a maze spanning two floors. Having never played the game before it was chaotic. No team ups, we marked each other, and I was still getting confused on where to aim. There was no method to the madness. Our group still had rockstars. A few of us came in top 10, while I ended up being 17th. For the first game, I went by the name Baymax (the big squishy robot from Big Hero 6).

IMG_20160604_204514 (1)

I went with my Dota name – Baymax 🙂

We were just getting started though. When some one in the group suggested we go for round two, most of us were in. In this madness if we wanted to do better we had form alliances. Margaret and I teamed up. But we were walking into a big dark room, and getting lost was easy. She suggested a code system to regroup and retarget. I came up with our code ‘Hodor‘.


But this time I was Sunny, and I beat Batman 😛

A few months ago, I was using Hodor as a code with someone I once thought I knew. Sure it was a code word then too, but back then it meant much more. Funny that I used to go around often in a t-shirt that said Hodor. My favorite t-shirt then. Sure I still like the character, but the word means nothing anymore. Maybe that’s why I suggested it. Recycle it and use it like a replacement for Marco Polo.

Nevertheless it worked really well for us. We kept shouting out Hodor to regroup every time we got lost, and to alert each other. We ended up kicking major ass. Margaret came in 6th, while I ended up 1st :D. Booyah!


After a kickass game!

That was a fun night. And now it makes a lot more sense as to why Barney Stinson loved it so much.

And oh, here is Hodor holding down the door, from the horrors inside ;).



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