Gotta catch em all

If you haven’t heard that phrase before, you probably never had Cartoon Network growing up, or have friends who never had Cartoon Network growing up. Or like me you probably are from India, and heard ‘Karne hai haasil’ way too many times. That was a fun one, remember?

Its been released for a week now (July 6th), and Pokemon Go has already over 5 million installs on Play Store (Google). I don’t think you can look up the number of installs on App Store (Apple) but I am guessing the number would be comparable. Now that number on the Android platform alone is 10 times more than the number of installs Pied Piper (Silicon Valley) had. It should explain why the former is such a big deal. Also goes on to show Augmented Reality is more exciting than Data Compression. Bachmanity, are you listening? 😀

As far as origin stories come to be, this app has a really cool one. The idea was conceived as an April Fools joke (Pokemon Challenge) by Nitendo, The Pokemon Company and Google. The company which created this game, Niantic Labs, was an internal startup inside Google, before it spun out to be an independent company when Google became Alphabet. Interesting origin, don’t you think?

As far as the question of user engagement comes, unlike Pied Piper this game doesn’t seem to need fake users from Bangladesh spending time on it. I mean it already had a couple of my friends who hate running, wake up pretty early (in their definition) and run around in a park to catch a Bulbasaur. Not to stop at that, they were making plans for the Sunday to go on a hike to catch some rock type pokemon. While I am not sure how effective First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign is, Pokemon Go definitely has kids, teens and as well as adults moving. Niantic Labs, take a bow!

All the running around, with eyes glued to the phone apparently has already been a cause to some accidents. But not to worry for long, as these genius people have already a wearable in the pipeline which would allow users to continue their journey with a more heads up approach.

pokemon wearable

Today has been kind of lazy. Not that I am complaining but the most exciting thing that happened this Sunday until now, is that I got a free XL Thai Iced tea from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf store.


But now that I caught a Charmander, its time to evolve it into a freaking Charizard. The coolest pokemon ever!

charizard 1

Putting Dracarys to shame!




One thought on “Gotta catch em all

  1. I love you subtle HBO show references in your writing >.< Also, you just taught me something new today… I did not know that Thai ice teas were at Coffee Bean! Now I have a reason to go there! lol

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