Meet the Patels

I was done making upma, served myself a plateful, sat down on the couch and was looking for Snowpiercer. But as luck would have it, Netflix had taken it down. Damn! Now I had to decide on what I was going to watch, before the upma got cold. Then it hit me ‘Meet the Patels’ was on Netflix. I saw the trailer a long time back and thought it was hilarious. A few days ago while browsing around I noticed it was on Netflix. It wasn’t too long either, so I started playing it.

An Indian guy whose only ever been in one relationship, breaks up with the girl, and tries to find a girl the traditional Indian way. Don’t tell me that does not sound familiar; I don’t believe you. The whole premise was hilarious and relatable, and the documentary even more so. It’s light hearted, and fun. And to all you Non-Indian peeps, if you ever wondered, well this is how the Indian way you have heard so much about is like. So go watch it, for the laughs 🙂