Climbing in the dark

I went back after a long time to do Yoga yesterday when I noticed a flier – “Climb in the dark for Halloween”. I imagined the climbing holds would be coated with glow in the dark paint, and lights would be turned off. Every trail would probably have a unique color. But I guess that is not a scalable plan considering how many people do show up to climb.

Well the event was today, and the solution they had was something much simpler. Climb with headlamps. This was the first time I was wearing climbing shoes after the accident, and they felt shorter than I remember. The first climb was quite tricky; I had trouble spotting holds, especially the smaller ones to support my feet with no lights on. In one of the climbs, the holds were in tan color like the wall, and there was a light yellow trial right next to it. I had to take my time to figure out the color of the holds before moving forward, and this made the climb pretty hard. Ran into a similar problem where a black and a blue trails were right next to each other and it was very hard to spot the difference in the dark.

Over the course of the night a section of the gym lit up and an ambulance showed up. Not sure what exactly happened, but a few paramedics walk in. Nevertheless climbing continued in rest of the gym. And oh, the fun part was there were a lot of costumes. I think I spotted a Khaleesi mid way through a trail, and I saw atleast 2 Harley Quinn’s walking around. By the time I got to my sixth climb the wrist that I injured while biking started hurting, and so I stopped after finishing this trail. Midway through the climb, there was an announcement and then the lights came back on.

This was a completely different experience. Climbing by itself can be quite challenging and fun. Adding the dark element with the headlamps, costumes, and the staff walking around dressed fancy and giving us candy was definitely an interesting and fun twist. Made for a fun Friday night.


If you look closely, you’ll see people on the walls


That’s the best selfie I could take


Strap on headlamps


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