The one with THE BOSS

It was Wednesday; Sally really wanted to go climbing. I tried to resist as I was feeling very lazy and my wrist hasn’t fully recovered, but the force is strong with her. So we did end up going.

She finished her climb, and it was my turn. I was going around the gym looking for an easy 5.10a when I saw a familiar face. On taking a closer look, that did seem like a face I see every week. At work we see it every Thursday during TGIF. It was Larry Page’, for real. In the climbing gym. It was super exciting to see him up so close. He was not climbing though. Someone who was with him was climbing, while a staff member was belaying her. He was watching her climb. At one point Sally tricked me into climbing a 5.10b when we ended up on a trail right next to them. Half way through the climb I got really scared thinking what if the rope breaks and I fall on him. Talk about irrational fears and stuff. And yeah nothing like that happened. Phew!



Sonoma Canopy

We’ve done this before, an year ago I think. I tried to remember where but it was not coming back to me. I am talking about Zip lining. One of the zip lines we did was clearly overlooking the beach. I remember it being beautiful and it was an adrenaline rush. But for some reason I am blanking out on where we did it. Nevertheless I don’t want to go digging into the past pictures to figure it out; it’s a scary preposition. Nvm, Kiran just helped me out. It was in Catalina Islands.

Well the reason why it is relevant now is a bunch of us went to Sonoma Canopy yesterday to Zip Line through the Redwoods. The place is beautiful with tall red woods expanding everywhere till your eyes can see. And we had a Master of Puns as one of our tour guides. It was hilarious. We got to do 7 zip lines, walk through 2 tree bridges, a tree staircase and end our session jumping off a rappel. Healthy red woods trees, even the tall ones, flow with the wind. So on some of the zip lines we could actually feel the platform moving. That was pretty cool. While it was no adrenaline rush this time, the entire experience was pretty chill and calming. Being in middle of nature does that to you, I guess. This was Sally’s idea. It was her birthday and she wanted to spend it close to the nature. Pretty cool if you’d ask me. Thanks Sally and Happy Birthday :).


They asked us to act scared


That was the tree stair case


This time they asked us to pose 😀

After we Zip Lined we went to a French Restaurant for lunch. It was a bougie (I learnt this word last week :D. More on that later.) place with yummy bruschetta’s. Their Tiramisu was the best I ever had (I haven’t had many. More of a cheesecake person). After an impromptu Tiramisu birthday cake and a happy birthday song later, a few of us went to the Russian River Brewing Co in Santa Rosa. I never saw a line so big outside a beer place; it took us about ~45 mins before we got in. A friend was telling me that one of their beers (Pliny the Younger) was rated as the 2nd best beer in the world. Woah! That beer is sold only for a week once an year and unfortunately this was not that week. We did have Pliny the Elder though. It was pretty good, and along with it, we had a bunch of other beers too.


Beer Platter 😀

After we got back we watched an episode of Black Mirror. This show is thoroughly fucked up and does the same to you. Its tripping. Luckily for us we were in the city; I could go out later with a few other friends to dance it off. Phew!


Pretty neat setup right? Beats watching on a TV.