Pulse it!

I had worked out with heart rate monitors before…you know the fitbit kind. And almost always half way through the session they kind of get useless. Once the wrist gets sweaty enough the tracking rarely works. Since I am not much of a step counter, I eventually graduated to using a tracker to tracking just my sleep.

Now that the context’s been set…its pretty hard to fall back in routine when you have a break. Especially for a lazy ass like me and I only got back recently from a long vacation. Anyways on Thursday last coach Pete messages about a cross fit session tailored around using a heart rate monitor with a chest strap. I have heard of them before…they are known to be much more sweat resistant and accurate than the fitbit sensors. While that sounded promising the biggest hurdle was he wanted to do it early morning. Pulling in the last reserves of the will power I made it in time. The session was broken down into three segments… green, red and blue. Goal of the green was to hit 75% max heart rate, red was to get the heart rate in the 80-90% range and blues aim was to get the heart rate in the 95-100% range. While green lasted 12 mins, red lasted 8 and blue was for 6 mins. Every time your heart rate goes beyond the set rate zone you get to take a short break to get it back down to the green zone and then you get started again. Rinse, repeat!

While it was pretty simple to understand the session itself turned out to be pretty intense. By the time I was done I was dizzy. Thankfully waking up early has its perks…time for breakfast. After devouring eggs over easy with sautéed veggies, I was able to spot ‘RED TRIANGLE’ coffee. It’s been over two months since I had their cappuccino. It is ridiculously delicious if you haven’t tried it before. Tears in my eyes!!

boxing                                                           That’s the t-shirt our coach was wearing

My Friday endorphins didn’t end there. After the last week’s night out on the town it was too soon for me to be anywhere near a a happy hour. So when Zack asked me to join him for boxing I tagged along. This is not my first time, but I almost how punching stuff can be tremendously fun. Amazing way to blow some steam off and also learn how to throw a punch or a hook. What was hilarious was the coach had this t-shirt which said ‘Boxing…it’s cheaper than therapy’. That was so wise! I guess I now see why Harvey Specter loves wearing the gloves.

IMG_20170408_172909_704                                                           After throwing punches for an hour

By all means this was a fun but exhausting day, and to top it off I had a GHEE DOSA for dinner. ‘Nuff said! 😀