The silent guardian

Probably it was a weekend and in the morning, because both my brother and I were at home. He came up to me and asked me to go with him on his new bike. That was the only time I get to go on the new bike, so I hopped on. We went to one of his friends house; he got down the bike while I was still sitting on it. And then he asks me

he: do you want to ride?

My eyes widen, and I smile, slowly; still suspicious. He never allowed me to ride his new bike. I was only 12 years then, so even my mom and dad were on his side. Nevertheless I was not gonna miss the opportunity, so I nodded my head.

sloth laugh

he: Are you sure you can ride?

me: <I nod>

he: Ok. Don’t tell mom I gave you the bike. If you do, you are not getting it again.

me: <I nod again>

he: If mom asks for me, tell her I went to a friends house. Tell her my friend picked me up.

me: <Like a diligent kid, I nod again. I was playing the future in my head. Riding the new bike.>

he: Say ‘Christopher’. 

me: huh?

he: Say it. ‘Christopher’.

me: Christopher.

he: Say it in your mind. 

me: <Christopher>; I did.

He leaves, and I took off on the bike. I don’t think I have given it much thought then. Last night I got into my car to drive, when I chanted ‘Christopher‘. That’s when I realized, even after all these years, I still do it. I have been doing it ever since that day. I don’t know me to be superstitious, but some things I think we just believe in them. Christopher, when I am on the road, he is my watchful protector, the silent guardian.



10.10 pm : was on my way home from office; strong breeze reminds you of the long weekend; feels awesome; vehicles sparingly spread on better roads; a chance to see how fast my bike can go; a rare opportunity on the ever busy streets thence raises thy spirit.

vroom vroom…

I reach the CM’s camp office; two girls riding a moped steal my attention; our ways part soon, as I go over the flyover; I slow down, hoping to catch a glimpse; two teens on a chetak whistle at the ladies; the miss on the back seat twists around; she pulls the dropping shawl over; a response, and the kids are ignited;  more whistles and hand waves come along; the noise makes the ladies look again; the whistles, the waves and the ooOOO’s keep coming; the girls seemed worried, and they sped away.

The cautious meet the chichoras. A typical hyderabadi routine.


3 movies and a bike

Prince of Persia


disclaimer: I am definitely an aficionado to the fantasy genre, so my review might be a little biased :D.

Even though this movie boasted of all the ingredients that make a good fantasy movie, I had my reservations as the protagonist resembled CM PUNK 😀 (i hate this wrestler and his style and I am prejudiced :|). But as we (my cousin and I) were unable to get any  tickets for Vedam or Rajneeti and also as I was desperate to watch a movie in the theatre we decided to go for this one.  Unexpectedly this movie turned out to be quite good. Sure, the action could have been better and they could have got a better looking princess but I didn’t mind as

  • The plot was good
  • Acting was fine and
  • Special Affects where amazing

So, my take on the movie is that it is worth a watch. My rating for this one is 8/10 .

Shutter Island

shutter island

Any movie with Leonado DiCaprio most probably

  • would be a very good movie and
  • the hero dies in that movie (Departed, Titanic & Blood Diamond)

Sure, even this movie was good even though the hero does not die. The plot is very complicated and might leave the viewers confounded (you don’t understand which part is reality and which part is imagination, not until the end).

Every one might not like this movie but my according to my opinion, definitely worth a watch ( a good sound system and subtitles might just make your experience better :D). My rating for the movie is 8/10.



Krish impresses us again. Gamyam is good but I feel it is a bit overrated (except for naresh’s performance) but with vedam krish deserves a big pat on his shoulder. With someone given as much footage as Manchu Manoj I don’t think if his role is qualified to be called a guest appearance. As far as the five stories are concerned only two of them made me feel for the roles. One is Cable Raju‘s and the other is that of the Weaver. These two stories made me feel that reality sucks (period). As far as the other three stories are concerned, they are ok types. We’ve already seen similar characters, so they don’t leave a mark. Like Prakash Raj’s role in khadgam (for Manoj Bachpai’s character). Overall this movie is definetly new for tollywood audience and for sure is a multi-starrer 😀 (if you take manchu manoj as a star).

In both of krish’s movies one character over shadows the rest. Like Naresh in Gamyam and Arjun in Vedam.  If this is the trend then I am sure the stars would be eager to grab that role in his next venture 🙂 . My take on the movie is that Vedam is a level up for telugu cinema. I rate it 9/10.

Thunderbird Twinspark


The day after I joined in job I borrowed my colleague’s royalenfield for a day. This particular bike is a beast. If not for the button start, back ache is going to be for sure a side effect. But once you get going, riding this one feels awesome. The constant bullet rhythm echoing as you ride is definitely going to turn heads. Trust me, I got the bike in IIIT and I am sure people were curious 😀 (unfortunately couldn’t spot any girls 😉 to show off ). Even though this is a great bike, from my observations I could find a few weak links

  • The engine gets very hot within a few minutes of riding. If you are not careful you might end up  getting your flip-flops stuck to the bike :P.
  • Low mileage
  • If you are new to riding a cruiser then your elbows get cramped. Hopefully that shouldn’t be a problem once riding becomes regular.
  • Low pickup. Once you are in the 5th gear speed is not a problem, but you can’t compare its pickup with a pulsar, cbz, karizma or yamaha bike.
  • Very costly if you want to buy one.

This classic has its advantages too

  • Apt for long drives
  • In these contemporary times where every one of the bacha log seems to be riding a pulsar/karizma, royalenfield can help you make a mark
  • If you are fan of bullet’s beat, then this asset can become a source for immense satisfaction :D.

Ps 1) Pacnhakshari is pure torcher. Avoid it at all costs.

Ps 2) My first week at job was great. Still no work assigned :).

Ps 4) I have one more week’s stay at oysters suites near madhapur police station. If your flat is nearby do meet me.

Ps 5) Got myself the raavan (abhishek bachan’s hairdo) look today :D. My parents hate it.