BTWD May 11, 2017

If you didn’t already know…BTWD means ‘Bike To Work Day’. Yup, that thing is back and it is kind of a big deal. If not for nothing, then some still end up doing it for bragging rights. And it’s fun, and good for the environment. So that is a double ++ there.

Since that time I crashed last year haven’t biked to work again. Not that I was scared (a little maybe), but it is just a lot of work. Especially when you are directionally dyslexic. Today’s ride was fun though. 10 miles not counting the distance I biked in opposite trails, beautiful weather and lots of people to keep you company. A good samaritan did help me find the right way towards the end…by then I was lost 3 times already :D. The entire ride took me an hour and 15 minutes and the path was mostly flat. There was cool breeze throughout and bay area is beautiful. You can’t really complain about the panoramic views here.


They always run out of coffee by the time I get to work, but not today. Muhaha! There is coffee, good coffee and then Red Triangle’s coffee. They serve delicious cappuccinos…so good you rarely feel guilty even after your immediate seconds. Well I guess biking pays. Until next time then!




This was last week. I was climbing through the trail, almost reached the peak when I felt my palms were burning more than I remember from my previous climbs. Now I got back to climbing after over a month long hiatus (i have bad excuses), and this wasn’t even a difficult trail (10b). So I stopped my climb and looked at my palms. Layers of skin peeled right off 3 of my fingers. I think the break I took weakened the callouses, but ahhh…break from climbing again.

While I was trying to figure out stuff to do with 70% of working fingers, I spotted my bike. Back in May I got the bike for a bike to work event. Used it on that day and ever since it has been gathering dust in our house, blocking half the pathway to the living room. Even on that day, I kind of cheated. You see our house is a good 10 miles away from work. Now if you think about it, that is a lot of miles. So instead of biking all the way, I took a shuttle till Mountain View and biked for the last 2 miles. In all honesty I biked that day mostly for the swag :D. Until today, never used the bike after that.


May 12, Bike to Work day after collecting the swag! 😀

Over this weekend I managed to get an air pump, and it took me embarrassingly long to figure out how to use it. Finally I did manage to pump up the tires, and I was all set for today. As it turns out, today was probably not the most ideal day for a beginner to bike. It was freezing, and there was some rain. But I was way too excited about biking to work finally, so I did go ahead. I prepped myself with a hoodie, spotify playlist, and instead of shorts I reached for my skin hugging climbing pants.

I have an Android smart watch that I have been trying to figure out a good use for. Not anymore though. Love the map view on the watch. For someone who is directionally dyslexic I could do with all the help I need while navigating, right on my wrist.

The ride itself was fun. Considering the most I biked was between offices, using a company bike, there wasn’t as much huffing and puffing as I anticipated. The scenery was beautiful, but my morning ride was mostly on the streets except for the last 2 miles. So I did spend a lot of time looking confused figuring out which way to go, and trying to not go under a bus/car. In the evening my route was through trails, so it was much more scenic, but it got colder too.

~2-3 miles before I reached home there was a short path where the bike went on the sidewalk. I kind of have been zoning out a lot lately, so when I realized I was on the sidewalk, which was kind of narrow, I thought the bike would trip on the road, and I might loose control. I think it was a reflex, when I hit the wrong (right hand) brake. And Bam! I could feel the rear tire rise up; I was in the air, did a somersault and rolled on my back, while breaking the fall with my hands and wrists.

As I got up, the bike was still on the sidewalk, the ear phones were hanging from the hoodie, but I could still hear the music playing. It was a good song. My helmet was intact, but the shades landed 4 feet further. Once I realized I was still in one piece, I picked up the bike, put the ear phones back and rode back home.

Funny that this happened today; in the morning I was talking about biking with a colleague, (he bikes from San Francisco :O) when he mentioned that everyone he knew who bikes gets injured. My both wrists are wrapped while I am typing this, but the left wrist hurts more though. Hopefully I can sleep this off.


After reaching work today morning – Before the somersault 😀

20 miles, 2 hours in the wind, lot of scenic views, more navigation than I like to do, and one somersault later, I’d said this has been a very interesting and fun start to the week. I am glad that I finally biked to work and back, and am still intact. Well almost! 😀