BTWD May 11, 2017

If you didn’t already know…BTWD means ‘Bike To Work Day’. Yup, that thing is back and it is kind of a big deal. If not for nothing, then some still end up doing it for bragging rights. And it’s fun, and good for the environment. So that is a double ++ there.

Since that time I crashed last year haven’t biked to work again. Not that I was scared (a little maybe), but it is just a lot of work. Especially when you are directionally dyslexic. Today’s ride was fun though. 10 miles not counting the distance I biked in opposite trails, beautiful weather and lots of people to keep you company. A good samaritan did help me find the right way towards the end…by then I was lost 3 times already :D. The entire ride took me an hour and 15 minutes and the path was mostly flat. There was cool breeze throughout and bay area is beautiful. You can’t really complain about the panoramic views here.


They always run out of coffee by the time I get to work, but not today. Muhaha! There is coffee, good coffee and then Red Triangle’s coffee. They serve delicious cappuccinos…so good you rarely feel guilty even after your immediate seconds. Well I guess biking pays. Until next time then!