stupid is as stupid does

During the past week, after watching a myriad of dud movies I watched a stunner. Forrest Gump. I loved this movie, especially the screenplay. The way tom hanks keeps achieving awesomeness is amazing. Every decision he makes is rated stupid. But in his own words “stupid is as stupid does” and every time he manages to create a sensation. The movie starts with Tom Hanks being a cripple but by quarter time he is an all American football star and by half time an American war hero. In the second half he becomes a national celebrity then a Gazillionaire and by the climax stands as an inspiration for many, just by running and running and more running.

The journey may sound extraordinary but it is portrayed in a very simple and fresh manner. Another good thing about this movie is it never uses the concept of “right time at the right place”. This would’ve made us feel that the hero is just lucky and nothing more but what we experience is much deeper. To keep it simple, it is just a movie about a not-so-ordinary man who does not-so-ordinary things and achieves the extraordinary and never realizes it.

As long as you become a successful sports star, a war hero, a national celebrity, a source of inspiration and a Gazillionaire who cares if you are stupid. I don’t :D.

Ps 1) dud movies include varudu, kites and prince

Ps 2) Cameroon diaz should quit acting. It is very difficult to watch her for two whole hours. I still don’t understand how she looked so sexy in the mask. BTW knight and day is just another popcorn flick. A DVD watching should be good enough.