no house for bachelors

Hunting down a decent house for rent especially in this hot climate is really daunting. Adding to our woes most of the house owners seem to have not so good opinion about bachelors. Most of our searches end when the landlord says “we do not rent to bachelors”. Three words come to my mind then “what the fuck!”. The primary reason for the absurdly high house rents in the proximity of Hitech city is that most of the rentals work in the “IT” industry (so it is assumed that they are paid a lot of money). Even if this assumption holds valid then why don’t the house owners understand that 50% of IT employees are bachelors. We bachelor’s can pay a bit more than families but we can’t marry for the sake of getting a house (we can’t right?). And it is not even the case that the owners have good looking daughters to worry about giving us their asset to rent. Right now, we are still in the search for a house.

Ps 1) May 16th seems to be the chosen date for the occurrence of significant events every. Last year the results of the elections were out and this year the T20 world cup finals.

Ps 2) On March 7th I had a dream that Simha would be a hit. Look @ this blog for more details . Even though I did not like this movie, my dreams about movies are quite accurate (simha is on the verge of tallying with magadheera in terms of collections).

Ps 3) How many of you are excited about joining your job?

Ps 4) When I was still a student of IIIT-H I could recollect numerous occasions when I’d say IIIT sucks. But right now I am missing this college like hell. It kind of left a void.

Ps 5) Kick Ass is one heck of a movie. This one like the Hangover entertains all through the end.

Ps 6) I wish that Raffa would win the French Open.

ps 7) A few days ago I was bird watching in the inorbit mall when all of a sudden I was encompassed by a cloud of  inferiority complex. I felt so little. Not until I could get hold of my rationale again, it was painful and all seemed hopless. But this upshot reminded me once again what I was meant to do. So, I got back to bird watching.

Ps 8) Waving Flag is inspirational. I am going to watch the tournament this year.