The Intern

We have all heard at some point in time what a great actor Robert De Niro is, I haven’t seen many of movies (including The Godfather or the Raging Bull) to understand why. The last movie I have seen of his was The Silver Linings Playbook, and I don’t remember him for his role in that one. Recently I saw the movie The Intern, and now I understand all that hype. I absolutely loved him in the movie. He emotes exceptionally well his eyes, and his conversations in this movie are a delight to watch. Go see the movie if you haven’t already. Makes you realize what good acting can do to a cliched story line.

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A year in review : 2013

2013 has been one interesting year. A lot has happened this year. Movies, friends, family, work, fun, misunderstandings, and life changing decisions. Thinking back to an year before when I wrote this blog, and not talking about my weight, I can see how much I have changed. I guess that is what happens when you tread new paths and start learning from where you have been and what you have done. Cheers to that!

Now that I have got the melancholic filled introduction out of the way let me get to the good stuff.

Top 10 movies – English
( in no particular order)

Badass looking Jaegers from Pacific Rim

1) The Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug
2) About Time
3) We’re the Millers
4) Pacific Rim
5) The Wolf of Wall street
6) Star Trek: Into the Darkness
7) The Croods
8) Gravity
9) Thor: The Dark World
10) Side Effects

Top 5 TV-Shows
(again, in no particular order)


1) Breaking Bad
2) House of Cards
3) The Newsroom
4) The Big Bang Theory
5) Game of Thrones

Top 4 movies – Telugu

Swami Ra Ra

1) Swami Ra Ra
2) Prema Katha Chitram
3) Mirchi
4) Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde

Top 8 movies – Hindi

The Flying Sikh

1) Special 26
2) Mere Dad ki Maruti
3) Go Goa Gone (the first half of this movie is a laugh riot)
4) Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
5) Ghanchakkar
6) Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
7) Kai Po Che
8) Shudh Desi Romance


Amish Tripati’s sucker punch to his readers

I read only 2 books this year. I know that sucks, and I plan to read way more this year. I am aiming for 12 atleast. Nevertheless, the first book I read was ‘Oath of the Vayuputras’ and the second one was ‘Rajni’s Punchatantra’. Both the books sucked big time, former more than the latter.


Ed Sheeran singing ‘I See Fire’

1) I See Fire – Ed Sheeran – The Hobbit :  Desolation of Smaug
2) Krishnudi Varasulantha – Swami Ra Ra (Telugu)
3) Idedo Bagunde Mari – Mirchi (Telugu)
4) Gulaabi – Shudh Desi Romance (Hindi)
5) Manja – Kai Po Che (Hindi)
6) Ambersariya – Fukrey (Hindi)
7) Sawaar Loon – Lootera (Hindi)
8) Aaradugula Bullet 😀 – Atharintiki Daredi (Telugu)
9) Ninnu Choodagane Chitti Gunde – Atharintiki Daredi (Telugu)
10) Nee Jathaga – Yevadu (Telugu)
11) Zinda – Bhaag Milka Bhaag (Hindi)


from Sachin to Sunny 🙂 #digigraph

There have been a lot of aha, WTF, holy shit moments this year. From our state dividing, to legends retiring, to outstanding ipo’s, to loosing noted celebrities, to kick-ass team up announcements in movies, and to a million other things, this has been one eventful year. Many a time it puts up a smile on our faces, and many a time a tear in our eyes, and then like always we move on.

Before I sign off, I’d like to request you to raise your imaginary champagne glasses for a toast

“to creating tons of good memories,
to health and happiness,
here’s wishing you a prosperous new year,
let the party go on… cheers!”

The Man from Earth

The Man from Earth

The Man from Earth

A few days ago there was news that a feature film is going to be made with both Batman and Superman characters. I was reading a related article on a comic-con forum when on the side navigation bar I saw a link where I noticed the name ‘The Man from Earth’. At first I thought it was the Keanu Reeves movie ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’. I knew about the Keanu Reeves movie, but haven’t watched it (not yet). So I checked the title on IMDB. It not just turned out to be a different movie, but it was voted by a lot of users (76 thousand) and had a good rating too. It caught my attention, and I got that movie that day.

It had been over a week since I got that movie but haven’t watched it yet. A couple of hours ago I was looking for any gulte (nonsensical, formulaic entertainer) movie to watch, but I couldn’t find one that I haven’t already seen. So I played this one instead.

‘The Man from Earth’ is an intensely engaging movie. The story starts with a Professor named John Oldman meeting his colleagues and friends for one last time before he leaves town. Everyone is intrigued to know why John was leaving, and are taken aback when he reveals that he has been walking the face of the earth for 14,000 years. What follows is a series of conversations where John’s audience try to find a crack in his story, but are dismayed/delighted as John answers to each of their questions.

Ten minutes into the movie and I was pulled into a black hole of interesting conversations. The premise the story is based on, the hypothesis it makes and especially the characters that are involved have been brilliantly carved and aptly placed. What is interesting to note is that even though the conversation between the characters appears to be random in the beginning, it does follow a specific structure. As the protagonist keeps sharing his perspective you notice a change in his audiences reaction and enthusiasm. Denial, delight and doubt is shown through different characters. This pattern reminded me of the classic “12 Angry Men”, but of course there is no other comparison. And there is a twist as well. Okay, not just one :).

Now with sci-fi movies following the much tried and tested formulas (tackling the ultimate apocalypse), this movie comes as a breath of fresh air. The acting was immensely good especially David Lee Smith as John Oldman was amazing and the run-time just about right. This is by far one of the most unusual and thoughtful sci-fi movies I had seen.

End of the line. Everybody off. Now go watch the movie.

Minions vs ZooZoos

Minions vs ZooZoos

Minions vs ZooZoos (don’t overlook my awesome photoshop skills)

Everybody loves Minions. They are cute, zany and fun. In a different dimension exists a parallel universe inhabited by a species which can rival Minions in sheer cutesy and zaniness; the ZooZoos. It was a regular day at Gru’s underground lab. Doctor Nefario was working on a teleportation device which was still not functional; meaning no idea what would happen if it was used. It was lunch time and during a Minion fight over the last remaining banana, the device gets accidentally triggered, and in a comic sequence of events all the ZooZoos from their multiverse get teleported into Gru’s lab. Following the ZooZoo’s arrival, Minions immediately start treating them as hostiles and pandemonium ensues, which wrecks Gru’s lab. Gru and his kids return home to find out what has transpired; meanwhile the kids start playing and making friends with ZooZoos. Gru offers to send back all the ZooZoos but they refuse to return to their black and white world as they develop a liking for this colorful world and so they decide to stay back. Minions perceive the mere presence of ZooZoos as a threat to their relevance in Gru’s family and so they start protesting against the ZooZoos and the ZooZoos retaliate. A comedy of war ensues and to put an end to this fight, Agnes the youngest daughter of Gru comes up with an idea. She suggests Minions and ZooZoos compete against each other in a series of sporting events aka Olympics; Minions vs ZooZoos. If Minions win ZooZoos have to go back to their multiverse, and if ZooZoos win Minions have to leave Gru’s home. After the stakes decided, what follows is a series of intense battles between the Minions and ZooZoos testing their smarts, friendship, wit, strength, cutesy and craziness. Which team will win the Olympics? What will happen after that? Let us know what you think by posting your thoughts in the comments section.

ps 1) A few days back Redstupid tweeted “A zoozoos vs minions movie would be the perfect anti-thesis to a DC universe vs Marvel universe movie.” As you might have guessed, his tweet was the inspiration behind this story 😀

ps 2) Despicable Me 2 is a fun movie, and Minions are awesome.