Happy Deepavali

I still remember those days, when the arrival of sunset on this lightful day delighted me. I used to run around my home looking for candles, agar bathi’s and cotton (can’t help it! my mom still insists I plug my ears 😀 ), while my dad intently watched the share market (the special trading hours 6-7 pm on deepavali). After nodding my head to a myriad of safety measures, folding my sleeves I stepped out of my home, and joined my buddies. The camaraderie and the rapport I share with my neighborhood friends can only be termed as awesome and this made sure that we had a hell lot of fun, each and every year.

Daam – Deem – Doom….

As they say, the only constant is change, and I realized it once again just now, thus making me to share this impromptu piece. Even though I have not turned completely eco green, the interest levels for bursting crackers has gone down in our clique. But that is not the change I want to talk about. It is natural to lose interest in crackers when you grow up. The change I want to talk about – the special trading hours. This year I sat next to my dad with my laptop while he was watching the share market.

Ofcourse, I made a profit :D, at precisely 6.59 pm. ( as usual on the edge 😉 ).

Signing off with the wise saying “As they say, change is the only constant.”

Wish you and your family a very happy, blissful, prosperous and safe Deepavali.

Ps: Those who did not receive my wishes today, it is Vodafone’s fault. They have blocked the message offers for today :D.