A year in Review : 2014

2014 is long gone, but there some things you can always reminiscence. My highlights of the year include me graduating, my parents visiting for my graduation, then our family going on a 1600 mile long road trip, taking my parents to a casino in Las Vegas and making them gamble (I promised my Dad, I would ­čÖé ), living in New York for the entire summer (I wanted to do this ever since I saw Friends, so one┬áless item on my bucket list. And to sum up my experience it was worth all the hype), jumping of a perfectly good airplane, meeting CEO’s of multi-billion dollar firms, getting to know a few really cool people and going for the premier of Game of Thrones season 4 (this one is here because I love this show, like a billion other people and some pretty crazy┬áthings happened that day).


Apart from these, anything generic that I talk about is probably old news. Most of us know what happened at the Indian Elections, Oscars, Emmys, IPL, EPL, Wimbledon etc. So I rather not bore you with any more details. I hope you had a great 2014, and heres wishing for an excellent 2015 :).

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